Tuesday To-Do List: School Prep Edition.

September is approaching fast (eek!!). That means that back to school season is upon us, so inevitably there are things that need to get done. Since I love any sort of list, it comes as no surprise that I’ve been keeping a running mental to-do list for a few weeks. 

Here is what I want to do before school starts in September…And let’s pretend I haven’t been telling myself I would do them since last term ended. In June. 

  • Buy school supplies – DONE! I dislike crowds (I’m impatient at the best of times), and genuinely love supply shopping, so this one was easy.
  • Empty and re-pack my book bag – DONE! Yes, I still use a backpack. It has something to do with the 20+ lbs (I weighed it!) of stuff we had to cart back and forth last year. 
  • Buy some new jeans – DONE! I am not a shopping pro… unless it’s for books. Book shopping is the best shopping.
  • Sort all my course materials from last year – Yikes. This should have been done ages ago, but it’s just been on the back burner. We accumulated so much paper last year, but I know I won’t need most of it. Time to recycle what I can.
  • Register/pay tuition and buy my textbooks – Full disclosure: I’ve TRIED to get this done before now but my school was only ready to deal with 1st year students until this week. At least I hear our books are only going to cost an arm and a leg this fall (instead of last year’s 2 arms, 2 legs, and your first-born offspring).
  • Freezer meal prep for the first month or so – I find that school makes this lover of cooking dread making supper during the school week. I found last year that prepping some meals/recipes and freezing ahead of time was a huge help!
  • Finish my medical clearance paperwork – We need to have some immunizations and tests before being cleared for our on-the-job practicum. I am still waiting on blood work to confirm immunity for a couple of vaccinations, so hopefully I can cross this off my list in the next few days!
  • Clean out my storage closet – Alright, this doesn’t have to be done for school, but I know that I will appreciate having it done once I’m trying not to procrastinate by cleaning (am I the only one that does this?).

Eight items with three already done. Totally do-able. Maybe now with some public accountability I can stop putting this off and get to it? Here’s hoping!

Love, Jenn


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