Monday Musings: August 29.

I just spent an incredible weekend away (recap to come!), but wanted to pop by with some thoughts after spending the weekend on the go!

  • This is my last week of vacation before heading back to the books. I’ve had an amazing summer (I don’t say that lightly), and honestly can’t believe how fast time has gone! This year will bring a lot of changes for me (something I’m learning to embrace!!), and I can’t wait to get started… but I’m clinging to the summer state of mind for now!
  • I truly admire people who are comfortable in daring outfits (fashion is certainly not my forté), but I have a hard time figuring how it’s a good look to have shorts so short you can’t bend over. Also, pockets hanging down below the hem… not cute in my books. Is my granny side showing?
  • Ice cream is probably my favourite summer treat, and I’ve had the best of my life this summer! Oddly enough, I’ve learned that non-chocolate flavours almost always beat out the chocolatey ones. Blasphemy, I know! This chocoholic is certainly surprised!
  • Although I love ice cream, it definitely messes with my face… Worth the pimples? I think so!
  • I wish more people would follow their hearts and their lifestyles when having a wedding. Just because it’s always been done/is always expected doesn’t mean it’s right for you and your partner! I think the best weddings are the ones that are true to the special couple… there’s something incredibly authentic and heartwarming seeing two people join their lives in a fitting and unique occasion! 
  • First-world problem: hotel rooms without a working air conditioner in late-August heat and humidity. Talk about hellish… and hard to get your frizz-prone hair special event ready! 
  • Also hellish: most public washrooms! This girl has a small bladder, so I’ve become a self-appointed connoisseur.
  • Speed limits should have both a maximum and a minimum number on all roads. It’s dangerous to have people driving <100kmph in a 110 zone. If you can’t drive at highway speed in good weather, you shouldn’t be driving. At LEAST put your 4-way flashers on!!
  • Is it too early to be excited for Christmas? Especially when you’re almost 30 and childless?
  • Family is everything… be it your given family, or your chosen one. Love everyone and remind them how special they are to you. 
  • Thank goodness for my incredible parents and partner (“s.o.”, “boyfriend”, etc. make my skin crawl). They make me smile without fail, and it makes me beyond happy to see them get along so well and truly enjoy each other’s company! They were, without a doubt, the best road-trip crew I could have asked for!

Love, Jenn


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