September Starts.

Inadvertant neglect of this space… chalk it up to everything that has been changing for the fall! Oddly enough, that was what I want to “talk” about today.

I see September as the time of year that things really change. It’s the perfect time to shake up and re-assess the old, and find a routine that fits not only your life but the goals you’ve set. I’m not a New Years Resolution-er… because January is seriously not the right time to start anything around here. It’s cold. It’s dark. It’s sh*tty. Nope.

See, I’m a September Goal Setter. The weather is still awesome: beautiful days and cool nights. The ability to cook without needing an ice pack strapped to you (no A/C for this chick). It’s when everyone experiences a shift in their schedules, and the lazy and layed-back summer-attitudes get packed away with the beach towels.

It doesnt hurt that I’ve been a student for the past 4ish years. This obviously causes drastic changes to my lifestyle, but also means that it’s when I start considering it to be my “real life” again. I find the January semester/term change can be a good time to re-assess the goals I’ve decided on in September, although I find starting anything during W*nter (don’t say it!) is just too hard for me personally. I will say though, that even during my time working, I still found September to be my optimal routine-shake-up time!

I’m a firm believer that changing things when starting a new schedule is the perfect time. Being able to re-evaluate before any change happens and decide what you want to accomplish can help you build it in and not notice such a huge shift in your life. Now… goal setting is a huge (HUGE!) area. I am not going to even attempt to broach that topic today. Do some quick research (I love the S.M.A.R.T. goal-setting acronym!) and maybe start small and set a new one or two for yourself!

So enough rambling… still reading? Here are the areas/goals I’m working on this September:

  1. School-related goals:
    1. Staying on top of the paper – my school program is famously high in paper. I found that last year I would have a mountain of stuff that needed to be hole-punched and filed away (I don’t use binders… there’s just way too much material to be carting around every day). This year: I’ve set the goal to get the papers under control every day. I’ve brought an expandable file folder with me to school with a file for each course, so at least that way the papers are grouped as they should be to make it faster at the end each day.
    2. Get as much done on Fridays as possible – so this is a theoretical goal that I will test over the first few weeks to see if it makes sense for me long-term. I found that last year I spent way too much of my valuable Sunday time working because I would just come home Fridays and avoid the work. This year: I’m going to plow full-steam ahead when I get home to at least start my massive amount of homework.
    3. Actually study – alright, I know this is obnoxious. As well as I did last year, I am truly going to try to review more and get those marks as high as possible.
  2. Fitness-related goals:
    1. Drink 64oz (aound 1.8L) of water a day – this is for a couple of reasons. I’ve been getting a lot of headaches this summer, and I think most of it was my lack of attention to drinking enough in the heat and humidity. I also know from experience that when I focus on drinking enough every day I feel like I have a little more energy, I don’t break out as much and I’m not hangry all.the.time… I’ve got the tools to help me track and stay motivated with this goal. If only I didnt have to pee every 30 seconds (although that helps with the next goal!!)
    2. Never spend a break sitting – so I’m a student. In an office-based career path. Sitting is an unfortunate and unavoidable part of my life, and probably will be for many years to come. Last year I felt so much better when I focused on getting up every break we had between classes and going for a walk. I usually do loops of our building and go up and down the floors at the same time. Not ideal, not huge, but at least enough to get the blood flowing again.
    3. Move EVERY day – A couple of years ago (how??) I was in an amazing routine of walking, running, or strength training just about every day. I felt (and looked, if I may say so myself) incredible and way more comfortable. Everything hurt less, I had more energy, and I was definitely rocking a confidence boost. I want to get back there. Given my schedule, I may not be able to go all.out.every.time but at leats I can remind myself that taking 30 or 40 minutes to work on the physical (walking, yoga, whatever) will be so worth the effort.
  3. Life-related goals:
    1. Blog consistently – I’m aiming for 2-3 times a week, but will have to re-visit this goal occasionally to make sure it’s realistic. To help: I’ve made a list of things I want to write about on my phone (so I can add to it anytime I think of something), have outlined a few posts, and know that once I settle into a routine of writing it will start to flow much easier.
    2. Focus on my attitude and thought pattern – I’ve spent the last year and half really working on my outlook and conscious thought pattern. I won’t go in-depth on that now, but it was something that I very much needed and am sincerely proud of how far I’ve come with it. I will say though, that I need to renew focus on it every now and then when I catch myself inadvertently reverting to old habits. I’m looking forward to keeping a happy, positive, and enthusiastic midset over this term.
    3. Cook and bake more – as the summer heat wanes, I can’t wait to be able to cook and bake more. I love to do both, and hope to meal-plan and prep consistently over the term. I have started compiling some new recipes to try, and am always an enthusiastic crock-pot user. I find bakng to be relaxing, so I look forward to trying a few new things and making the usual favourites. Added benefit of school: I can easily share the goodies so I don’t end up being olbigated to eat them all myself!

So there they are. I’ll check in with my progress and thoughts as the fall goes on. Hope that this fall is as awesome as I’m thinking it will be!

Love, Jenn

PS – Fun Fact for the Day… I LOVE 3s. Multiples and groups of 3s are my favourite numbers general (nerd alert on that one!), so you’ll tend to see that most of my lists employ 3s in some fashion.






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