Weekend Away.

I love to travel, but don’t often have the chance to get out-of-town… so it should come as no surprise that any excuse to get away is going to be seized! A couple of weeks ago, I spent Thursday-Sunday on the go which was an awesome treat! The official reason was the wedding of a very close cousin to her awesome partner; luckily enough for me, the weekend also included some time away, new memories, and lots of laughs!

Thursday was spent preparing for the road trip, and also checking more things off my school to-do list. I was able to finish my pre-school medical paperwork, and found a gift for the newlyweds! My partner and I hit the road early, and were able to enjoy the day. We love spending time together (we are in a long-distance relationship a fair bit of the time), and find that exploring the back roads in our part of the world provides some beautiful scenery, a chance to talk, and a chance to just enjoy the company!


The crew for the weekend away was myself, my parents, and my partner. Any apprehension about travelling with both my parents and partner quickly vanished after the first few minutes in the car together… we’re a close group! The plan was to hit the road early and explore the coast on Friday, spend Saturday enjoying the city life and at the wedding, and then return home on Sunday. I was so lucky to not have to drive (thank you so much Dad!!), so I got to spend the drives enjoying the gorgeous road-side scenery.

So Friday morning we crammed the bags into the trunk, piled into the car, and hit the highway. We stopped not long into the drive to get some gas for the car… and some caffeine for the passengers. We then drove for a couple of hours before stopping to stretch our legs and grab a snack before driving through to our 1st destination. I will also be honest, I have one of the world’s smallest bladders… so of course there were also some stops to pee along the way!

Our first destination was Lunenburg, NS. It is home to the Bluenose (look it up!), some gorgeous hillside architecture… and clearly some residents with a terrific sense of humour:

Next stop was Mahone Bay, NS. It was a pretty town with a beautiful inlet harbour. I didn’t snap any pictures, but know why it is such a beloved place. The shops were all very focused on local art, goods, and character. I would recommend a stop, and hope to get back for their Pumpkin-People Festival at some point!

The definite winner for me on Friday was Peggy’s Cove. I cannot believe that I had never been, and loved every second of our stop there. I grew up in a coastal village, so the smell and feel of the salt in the air was invigorating and relaxing all at once! If you have the chance to visit, it is well worth the drive! The Atlantic Ocean is breathtaking, the waves are stunning, and the little community is such a reminder of how small coastal towns started. Also… get the homemade ice cream (the Mexican chocolate was incredible!! Hands down the BEST ice cream I’ve ever had… which says something!)



Saturday morning and early afternoon were spent exploring and enjoying life in Halifax. We hit the road early to check out the Halifax Seaport Market, then took a walk through the city to explore some new and old sights.

Halifax Views.jpg

Top left: Public Gardens Bandstand / Top Right: View of the Halifax skyline from Dartmouth  / Bottom R+L: Halifax Public Library (gorgeous!)

That afternoon was spent getting glammed up for the wedding, and then the evening was spent celebrating! It was an incredible event and I was so excited to help the wonderful Bride and Groom celebrate!! They had an event that was perfectly them and super enjoyable for everyon! They are two wonderful people (individually and together), and I wish them a lifetime of happiness together!


Here’s where I have to be honest… we got up early again and pretty much hit the road. We stopped for breakfast just outside the city, and I then unintentionally slept for pretty much the entire return trip (this grandma needs her rest)!

I thoroughly enjoyed almost every minute of the trip (an AC-less room the 1st night was a little painful!) and can’t wait to explore more with this crew!

Have a wonderful week, and hope to be back with a new post on Wednesday. Love, Jenn


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