Mid-week Motivation.

Happy mid-week everyone!

So I’m a nerd, as you know, which shows itself in many different ways. I love to read, watch movies/TV, learn interesting and random things, and will never miss an oppurtunity to participate in a fandom. Another of my nerdish loves is to collect quotes.

I’m pin them on pinterest, I surround myself with them at home, and I also take note of quotes I hear or see in my daily travels. I have a special book/journal I keep of all the quotes that resonate with me, or that I think have some sort of motivational or reassuring quality. I flip through it on the days I’m feeling blah or maybe not as motivated as I should be.


Every week I try to pick one or two to use as a mantra (don’t roll your eyes… it’s just to help stay focused on my goals for that week). I have many that I go back to on a frequent basis (1st things 1st; Smile and Breathe; Just Do It) but am always on the look out for a new quote for my collection.

Being in my second week (the first full week) of school is a hectic and a little hard on my brain trying to adjust to a new routine and to new class subjects, so I currently I’m rocking “Wherever you are, be all there” as my weekly thought.

Here are a few that have really caught my eye and my attention lately:

  • How motivated are you? – repeating this when I’m rebelling from my goals helps to keep me focused on why I’m working on that item in the first place.
  • Be present – although cliché, it’s a really good piece of advice. It’s easy to blow through life and not notice it. Focus. It feels much better.
  • Don’t believe everything you think – a really good reminder for those of us who have an overactive (and sometimes overcritical) brain!
  • Choose the bigger life – remember to take advantage of the things (little or big) that pop up and could add some wonderful experience to your life. Don’t focus on being too busy, too tired, or not into it… embrace it and see what happens.

Hopefully one of those helped to give you a little mid-week boost! Any quotes you’d like to share with me? I’m always wanting more!!

Love, Jenn



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