Love & Loathe: 1st edition.

Good morning!

So this week was a mixed one, but overall a decent transition into the school year! I’ve been pretty conscious of the things I’ve been grateful for, and loving… but as always there are always a few things that make me cringe a bit… Here’s my list of loves&loathes for the past week or so:

  • LOVE: friends that make me laugh until I literally cry. My ladies are the highlight of my days at school, and this week was no exception! We were all hysterically laughing during one lunch this week which made for a great mid-day boost and terrific ab workout!.
  • LOVE: my partner and parents; and how they know how to talk me down. In those not-so-great moments this week, I have been truly thankful for their ability to help me relax and put things in perspective. Bonus points for know exactly how to make me laugh and get me smiling!
  • LOATHE: finding something for the garbage/recycling just after the truck has been by. Always a real whomp-whomp moment and total adulting fail.
  • LOVE: no lines for the washroom – my classroom is on a floor with TONNES of women this year… and only 5 stalls. So, breaks that aren’t spent in line are a real bonus!
  • LOATHE: having <15% battery life and bringing the wrong charger to school. Enough said.
    • Sidenote: LOVE having someone bail me out by bringing me the right one!! Thanks!
  • LOVE: finding a “little community library box” in my neighborhood! (!!!) – I’ve long seen these on social media (especially Pinterest) and can’t believe I have one nearby! I am planning to drop in a book and check out the others this weekend.
  • LOATHE: being towards the end of the book and realizing it’s almost over – yep, the last 40 pages are actually the book club guide.
  • LOVE: going through my summer photos – makes me smile every time. So much to celebrate and enjoy the past few months!
  • LOVE: the weekend – need I say more?

What have you been grateful for this week? It doesn’t have to be big… it can be small, simple, and perfect all the same! Any loves & loathes you’d like to share?

Love, Jenn


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