An A to Z of Me.

Hello, hello!

Following in the vein of my love of lists, I though maybe a good way to talk about myself a bit would be to write a list. Since I’m an organizational freak, alphabetical seemed the best choice! Here’s the A-Z of Me:

A – Type A. Majorly. I’m constantly working on my mental flexibility, but I am hard-wired a Type A for sure!

B – Ballet dancer. I was a serious ballet dancer for over a decade of my life. I miss it, but partially blame it for my funky toes!

C – Cousin. I come from a big, loud, close, and loving family. I and very close to some of my cousins, and am proud to have them as friends and family too.

D – Daughter. My parents are AMAZING. I am so very lucky to be their daughter, and always hope to make them proud!

E – Early bird. I was not always an early bird, but I definitely am now! I work best in the morning, and I definitely struggle to stay awake in the evening… but I’m always up and raring to before 7!

F – Frenzy. My camp name and forever part of me… and it describes me pretty darn well!

G – Goal-lover! As you may have seen, I’m definitely a goal-driven person. I tend to set goals pretty consistently, and they range from very short-term (like: wash the dishes tonight) to long-term (like where I would like to live 5 years from now).

H – Hiker. No surprise to those who know me, I love being out in the middle of nowhere having a great hike. I’m not a dare-devil, but I am definitely a hiking nut!

I – Introvert. I can be chatty (surprises no one who really know me) but am truly an introvert by nature. As much as I love the people in my life, I need to re-charge with alone time pretty frequently.

J – Joker. I inherited a pretty unique and sometimes dark sense of humor, and a true penchant for playing pranks. Watch out on April Fool’s, and when I look more than a little mischievous.

K – Knitting and crochet. I am in no way good at drawing, but knitting and crochet I can do! I love to make projects for the people I love, or for myself. Hats, scarves… anything practical for the Maritime climate!

L – Love of baking. I LOVE baking. Debatably, I like the process almost as much as the end result! I find it very relaxing, and an excellent way to pass some time. Thank goodness I have places to send some of my creations to avoid eating it all myself!

M – Music. I listen to music a lot. Like, pretty much every chance I get. My tastes have changed over the years, but I always end up back at classical. Don’t judge.

N – New challenges. I am getting much better at taking on new challenges. I’ve stopped focusing on how intimidating new things can be, and have started enjoying the challenges! I love using all my skills to master (or attempt to master!) something new. Nothing feels better than feeling like you’ve truly accomplished something you couldn’t have done before.

O – Old ballerina. I did ballet for over a decade. I still miss it, but love remembering how much of an endorphin-high I would have after a full Saturday spent in the studio. I don’t, however, love how permanently messed up my poor toes are though!

P – Psychology nut. I was majoring in psychology in university and LOVED it. I have a lot of personal background and a deep interest in the area, and love to learn anything I can about how we work.

Q – Quick reader. I plow through books like there’s no tomorrow. I can finish massive amounts in a short time, which certainly comes in handy with school required readings!

R – Really voracious Reader. I will read just about anything, and will read at warp-speed. Funny story: my parents once offered when I was a kid that they would get cable if I would read fewer books. This was only a potential option because I had already read the whole young-adult section at the local library.

S – Sister. I am (and will always be in my heart and soul) a sister to an incredible human being. He passed away a little over 5 years ago, but I will be forever grateful for being able to be a big sister to someone as special as Keith.

T – Typist. I can type an accurate, and sustained, speed over 90 words a minute. Comes in handy in my new line of study/work, but also is pretty awesome for everyday use too!

U – Undeniably honest. Sometimes verging on harsh (I’m working on having a little more of a filter). I do value honesty in life, and I feel like sometimes society has moved towards being false… which serves no one.

V – Very sarcastic. Or maybe you haven’t noticed? Sarcasm is not a substitute for wit (any Downton fans here?), but it is a pretty efficient way to express certain things!

W – Writer of cards. I send cards for EVERY occasion. Getting good mail ranks near the top of my things-that-make-me-happy list, so I try to pass along the joy to others!

X – eXtreme fan. I have an obsessive personality, which manifests itself in the form of being a REALLY hardcore fan of things. Harry Potter, Breaking Bad, Hunger Games, figure skating, and reading are definitely my top fangirling areas.

Y – Yearns for travel. I LOVE to travel and have an insanely long list of places I would like to go!

Z – Zealot for punctuality. Chalk this up to my Type A personality I guess? I am chronically early for e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. Drives certain people crazy, but I HATE being or feeling like I’m late. On time is verging on late for me!

Which of these surprises you? Or which is glaringly obvious? Let me know something about you too!

Wishing you a great week… Love, Jenn



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