Goals: September and October.

At the beginning of September I went through the process of setting goals in the 3 main areas of my life (school, fitness, and life). I do this regularly (in real life) and can’t see me stopping any time soon. It’s time to review my list and see how I made out and what I may still want to work on:


  1. Staying on top of the paper I’ve done exceptionally well with this goal! I no longer have school papers piling up in a jumbled mess… they’re hole-punched, put away and under control! Go me! DONE!
  2. Get as much done on Fridays as possible. I set this as a theoretical goal, and it turns out that it works better some weeks than others. I will say that having the mindset of trying to get things done sooner-than-later on the weekends does help with the Sunday rush! I’ll call this one accomplished for the effort and for testing it out. DONE.
  3. Actually study. We’ll call this one a win. Instead of blowing my review time I will actually read things over and review the points I’m fuzzy on. So far, so good for this one… DONE!


  1. Drink 64oz (around 1.8L) of water a day. I did really, really well with this early in the month but have been struggling more as the temperature has dropped. I’m going to carry this one over and keep working on it this month. STILL TRYING!
  2. Never spend a break sitting – DONE! Feels awesome, enough said.
  3. Move EVERY day – getting there. I’ve been more conscious of it and I am definitely getting into more of a routine in this area again. I’m going to keep focusing on it and I know I’ll be so grateful that I did. STILL TRYING!


  1. Blog consistently. Calling this one accomplished. I’m still fine-tuning my routine but I feel like I’ve done a good job of keeping at it! DONE!
  2. Focus on my attitude and thought pattern. This is definitely a win this month. I’m feeling better and finding it easier to keep things in perspective (not to say I didn’t have some bad moments or days). DONE! (and will keep going!)
  3. Cook and bake more. DONE! Proud and happy to say that this one has been a total success!

Up next are the goals I’ve set for October!


  1. Start my end-of-term projects. I am hoping to get a good jump on all the things due at the end of the term during October and hopefully keep up with them as we learn. This should drastically cut down on the end-of-term crunch!
  2. Stay ahead (as much as possible). I have generally been ahead of the game this term, and it’s such a satisfying feeling. It is mostly due to using time wisely, but I hope to stay a little ahead as much as possible to build in a little time for a break here and there!
  3. Keep reviewing. I am nearing the end of school, and want to leave on a high note. This goes with the “actually study” goal from September… I’m trying to avoid apathy and disinterest!


  1. Move EVERY day. I am keeping this as a goal because I find that keeping it as part of my goals helps to keep this a priority. Being outside is gorgeous this time of year, can’t wait to enjoy the crisp air!
  2. Shift into bedtime by 9 pm. I’m usually very good about my sleep routine, but I’m finding that lately I’ve been getting in to bed really wound up and not ready to sleep. I am going to make an effort to get into bed a little earlier than usual and read to help my brain down-shift into night mode.
  3. Drink less caffeine (<3 teas/day). I LOVE tea, and I have noticed that as the mornings and evenings start to get a little cooler my tea (and therefore caffeine) intake have been on the rise. I’m going to make the conscious effort to sub in caffeine-free tea (I have an awesome caffeine-free chai) once I’ve hit my quota for the day. This should also help with the bedtime relaxation plan.


  1. Try 3 new recipes. I love to cook and bake, but more often than not I will fall-back to a favourite recipe instead of trying one that I’ve saved (from blogs, online, etc.). This month I’m hoping to try 3 new recipes and see how they turn out! I’ll hopefully report back with favourable reviews!
  2. Be present with people. I have noticed that since starting back to school my attention has sometimes been split while I’m spending time with people. I’m going to make a serious effort to be present for the time and enjoy it, I know that this will help me feel more relaxed overall and will heighten the feelings of gratefulness and happiness!
  3. Do a Fall-clean. I need to do a good review of my fall and winter clothing. I know that I need to re-organize and re-discover what I have for the season! I’d also like to do a thorough clean of my apartment… the dust bears rabbits have been lurking around the edges of late!

So those are my October goals. Do you have any that you’ve been working on, or have set for the month? I’d love to hear about them! Love, Jenn


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