Love & Loathe: 2nd edition.

Welcome back to the 2nd installment of Love & Loathe! Here’s my current list:

  • LOVE: my family… given and chosen. I rave about these guys constantly (#sorrynotsorry) and feel that they deserve a shout-out again! You guys rock!
  • LOVE: the beautiful fall colours. Gorgeous. Period.
  • LOATHE: shorter (and shorter… and shorter) days. Dark in the mornings and dark in the evenings. Hard to get out of bed but always worth it!
  • LOVE: morning tea and reads. I am an early-bird, but love to savour the early moments alone. I love sipping away on a tea and reading something awesome. Awesome could be a novel, the news, or even some trashy celeb gossip. It helps start my day off right and puts some pleasure into the dark (and chilly) mornings!
  • LOATHE: winding balls from skeins. File this under a grandma problem… but having to ball the wool I’m using for my crochet projects is always a loathe-inducing process.
  • LOVE: transcription. Nerd alert: this is by far my favourite class and something I look forward to doing every day. I love the challenge of using my medical knowledge and critical thinking skills, and the practice typing makes it pretty darn fun all around (nerd rant over.)
  • LOATHE: geographical distance in a relationship. I love my guy, but I don’t love that we’re about an hour away from each other most of the time. Someday we hope to be able to spend our lives a little more cohesively, but until then we are beyond grateful for things like Facetime and texting!
  • LOVE: incredible instructors. I am truly lucky to have had some completely wonderful instructors in my time at college. Mentors and role-models on every level. They truly want us to succeed and to be challenged in our own ways. They provide not only encouragement, but have helped us through this (at times daunting) journey.

Anything you’ve been loving or loathing of late? Share! Let’s rock the end of the week! Love, Jenn


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