Endings and Beginnings.

12 days. That’s how long it took for everything to change in the best way possible! 

Yesterday was a day of lasts: last classes, last time in my apartment, last bits of my stuff being jammed into cars + boxes. Although there was definitely some sad moments thinking back on how I’ll no longer be in a place that brought me so much happiness… it also means that I’m ready to take on new adventures!!

As my Dad said on the way out of my apartment for the last time: “Say goodbye to your single life”. That’s EXHILARATING!! 

Today may be the last day of November… but it’s day of firsts! 

First day of my new life! First day in my new home! First day living with my incredible partner! First day as someone back in the work force (ok, I technically dont start until tomorrow but I’m no longer a student hehe)! First day of snow (gross, but still!).

And I can’t wait to see what comes next and go on so many new adventures!

Wish me luck… can’t wait to update you on what happens in the coming days!!!

Love, Jenn


Weekend Retreat: Nov. 20.

Hello! I’m still flying high from my exciting career news last week… but I’m also starting to feel the stress (just being real). The good news is that it’s not overwhelming me… it’s exciting me! I’m so incredibly lucky to have spent a few days celebrating with those closest to me, but I also was given the wonderful gift of a day away from it all on Sunday (thank you Adam!). Here are some of my favourite pictures from our hike and our afternoon of relaxing by the woodstove!

The dew was perfect when we headed out… dewberry


Surveyor’s pin from 1925:

View of the Bay:


And nothing better than coming back to a cozy fire and relaxing the afternoon away!


Definitely a terrific way to spend a Sunday! Have a great rest-of-the-week everyone!

Love, Jenn


I’ve been waiting… not patiently… but waiting. And I can finally tell you…

… I’ve found a job, and just officially found out I’ve been hired!!

I start in exactly 2 weeks (gulp!), and couldn’t be happier! 

It means a new place, a new start, an exciting new adventure … can’t wait to share the journey! More details to come! 

Love, Jenn

Waiting… What (not) to do.

Good Wednesday morning! I’ve been waiting for some news this week, and it just seems like time wants to c..r..a..w..l! So, I thought I’d put together a list of things to do (to annoy yourself and everyone around you) while you wait for something:

  • Review the preceding circumstances constantly and think of what you should have said, or what you could have phrased better.
  • Check your email (or hit refresh) every 15 seconds; and when nothing new pops up check on another app/site/etc.
  • Make sure your phone is fully charged at all times.
  • Make sure that your ringer is definitely on and at a blaring volume whenever possible.
  • Bug your loved ones about what their interpretations are, or what they think could be why it’s taking so long.
  • Get cranky and avoid distracting yourself.

Or, being a well-adjusted adult, try:

  • Finding something to do. The more physical the better; anything to keep you feeling like you’re getting somewhere (I like to crochet to keep my hands busy).
  • Listening to music that will keep you pumped up. Guilty pleasures are perfect for this! Also, dancing around while will give you a real boost!
  • Watching a funny and endearing movie… something that will capture your attention and get you laughing (feel those endorphins!)
  • Sleep. Seriously… just try to zone out and doze off. Being sleep deprived does not help your mood or your attention span.
  • Listen to the people you love and accept that they always know best… they have your back and will keep you grounded. They love you and will be there no matter the outcome!
  • …. or write lists about waiting! *wink*

Have a great rest-of-the-week!! Anything you’ve been waiting for, or any tips to help pass time?

Love, Jenn


Monday Musings: November 14.

Good morning! It’s chilly, it’s Monday… it’s all good!! Here are some of the random thoughts rolling around my head this morning:

  • I can’t even pretend to be a patient person, so waiting is not my forté, but why do some waits feel longer than others? I’ve been really feeling the “hurry up and wait” lately! Crossing my fingers and toes that things start being finalized soon!
  • My inner child can’t stay hidden when there are crunchy leaves or puddles around. Ever. *Crunch, crunch, crunch*
  • Had an end-of-season BBQ with my parents and partner last night… great food, great laughs, and amazing company! Thank goodness we all share a weird  sense of humour!
  • I had some amazing fall treats this weekend:
    • apple cider + a cinnamon bun: perfect treat after a morning market trip and post-paperwork! (Thanks Adam!!)
    • homemade apple crisp: delicious and perfect after the barbecue! Thanks Mom!!
    • a jalapeño burger (ok, the last one isn’t exclusive to fall… but it was so good!)
  • There are 25 school days left for me! TWENTY-FIVE! Reality is setting in, and it’s weird!
  • Not to sound like a broken record, but my parents and partner ROCK! It’s been a bit of a wild-ride the past few weeks… they’ve been terrific and so supportive during the excitement and the nerves. THANK YOU!

Well that’s it, but have a great week!!! Anything on your mind on this Monday morning? Love, Jenn

November backwards and forwards.

This is a time of big changes and new possibilities for me. I’ve been thinking a lot about where I’ll be in the coming months, but also about how far I’ve come.

November 2006 – 10 years ago.

Where + What: University… 1st Year of Nursing.
I always say that I would not change my past, and this is a strong reminder of that. I went into nursing because it seemed a good idea to me at 17. It seemed to be the natural step towards being a healthcare provider. In truth though, it was miserable. The adjustment to university went really badly, and the feelings of isolation and inability were paralyzing. I learned a lot from that experience though, and it certainly taught me about myself.

November 2008 – 8 years ago.

Where + What: Tim Hortons and Private Nanny
This was a time of crazy schedules and even crazier life patterns. Working 13+ hours a day meant little time to think… maybe that was the point. I know life had been hard on me leading up to that fall, so I think I was just looking for ways to distract myself and forget what had happened.

November 2011 – 5 years ago.

Where + What: Account Manager & working with Dad.
After spending a few years working in a dental office, this was a great step! Dad and I loved working together and found that our approach is very similar in business… and in life. The challenge of learning a new business was thrilling, but I was starting to itch for going back to school.

November 2012 – 4 years ago.

Where + What: University… 1st Year of Science.
If at first you don’t succeed? After working for over half a decade it was time to go back to school. I realized that I knew I wanted to be in control of my career and not be looked-over just for not having the educational qualifications. I was feeling out of my elements after being out of the school-routine for so long, but was feeling happy for the mental stimulation.

November 2015 – 1 year ago.

Where + What: College… 1st Year of Medical Administration.
The year 2015 was full of huge changes for me: new places, new friends, new routines, new places, and a whole new outlook. I was loving my new life and my new program. It was the perfect place to start again, and I’ve grown to love my life here! I am beyond thankful for the chance to start again and to learn how to be truly independent. The feeling of waking up every morning excited and empowered is incredible beyond words!

November 2016 – NOW.

Where + What: College… finishing my Medical Administration program.
I’m still loving my life. Big changes have continued this year, but all for the greater good! Independent, in love, and ready to take on what’s next! I’m currently in the process of interviewing for the next part of my life… and the changes will keep on coming! I’m no longer terrified of change; I’m excited by it! Only 20 days of class left… almost there!

November 2017 – 1 year from now.

Where + What: still undecided… but hopefully loving my new career!
I’m hoping to be working full-time and spending my days exploring and trying new things. I imagine I’ll be comfortable in my new job and looking for new outlets on the off-hours. I hope to be spending my life with my amazing partner, and to be still putting the priority on family and a complete life.
I intend to keep working on my outlook and my mental framework. Not to sound cheesy, but I’ve seen how far I’ve come and want to keep improving… somehow I think it’ll be a continuous process for the rest of my days (and that’s OK by me!).

November 2021 – 5 years from now.

Where + What: I have no idea!! I do know that I’m going to continue working towards having a life I love and am proud of!

What are your November highlights/lowlights past or present? What are you working towards? Please share!!

Love, Jenn

Pictures from a frosty walk.

Good morning and happy new week! Hope that the weekend was a good one, and that you had a chance to enjoy some outdoor time!

I got to enjoy a chilly walk this Saturday morning, with some terrific company, and took some pictures along the way… enjoy!



(Please note: We were not feeding anyone at the park… this is simply their habituated response)



Frosted Bud.JPG

What were you up to this weekend? Any fun stories?

Love, Jenn

Goals: November

It’s officially November… time sure is flying! I have done well with my October goals which has felt so empowering!

It’s time to set some goals for this month. Seeing that this is the last full month that I will be in school (YAY!!!), I’ve decided to focus on the school a little more:

School: Academic Goals

  1. Stay ahead of the game. This is sort of keeping one of my October goals, but it has really helped to keep me motivated over the last month. I find that staying ahead as a rule rather than exception keeps things going smoothly and keeps the stress at bay, and frees up some of my evenings.
  2. Chase the marks. I have been having easily the best marks of my life this term. I’ve been so relieved to be almost done that reviewing and processing the information has almost been exciting! I LOVE some of my classes and am finding that showing my knowledge off has been a great motivation to stay engaged.
  3. Stay organized. After doing well for September, the paper piles had started mounting a bit. I’ve gotten them down to zero again… so it’s time to stay on top of it and make sure I can find everything from now until the end of term. when I can go through and REALLY get my clean on.

School: Social Goals

  1. Talk to everyone. I’m in a small program of wonderful ladies. We’re down to 16 and have been together since last September all day, every day. It has been so neat to watch everyone grow and figure out what they want after finishing our program… I want to try to have a conversation (long or short) with everyone before we all head our separate ways.
  2. Prepare a card for every classmate. The goal above will probably help me figure out what to write to everyone, but I’d like to start prepping my cards for the end of the term. We’re all headed out on the next big step… so I’d like to wish everyone luck!
  3. Reach out to references. Speaking of the next step… I’m about to be back in the real world… eek! I’d like to have a conversation with all of my references again just to touch base and let them know how school has been going.

School: Mindfulness Goals

  1. Enjoy the countdown. Full disclosure: I’ve had a countdown going since pretty much day 1 of the term… but its finally the homestretch! I am not wishing time away, but I want to remind myself how short the time left is… and how quickly it’ll go by!
  2. Enjoy the laughs. I have some GREAT women that I spend my school days with. We have grown to be incredibly good friends, and it honestly makes me so sad to know that I won’t see them everyday come mid-December and after! We always have a good laugh, and I’ll admit that I’ve been in tears of laughter several times even in the last few weeks! I’m going to savour the moments we can still have together, and enjoy the laughs that have gotten us through some pretty rough patches over the last year and a half.
  3. Enjoy the student schedule. As tough as some days/weeks are, students have the schedule thing pretty easy when it comes to hours spent on campus (at least in our program). I’ve been fortunate to have had work done ahead of time, so I’ve been able to shorten a lot of my days to 8:30-2:45 most of the term. I am going to ENJOY the remaining afternoons, because I know that soon I will probably not have the flexibility to be on the move like I do now!

Any big changes coming up for you? Any goals you’d like to share? I always love hearing what people are working on!

Love, Jenn




Flexibility: the mental kind.

“I can be flexible,” … “I can. As long as everything is exactly the way I want it I’m totally flexible”  –  Lorelai Gilmore; Gilmore Girls

This quote sums up me. Type-A and perfectionistic me. Control-freak and obsessive me. Often joked about but rarely thought of as true issues… and let me tell you, they can be!

I’ve had a very long road towards mental health, mental wellness, and happiness. Until pretty recently my mind was a scary and dark place to be. Worst-case-scenarios were the only possibilities in my head. And when things didn’t go as I had anticipated/planned/wanted, I would implode and go into a full-blown panic. Fun, huh?

But I’ve learned… and worked… and learned… and worked. Long and meandering, but a totally worthwile journey. One of the biggest things I have worked on, and continue to work on, is mental flexibility.

To me, mental flexibility is: the process of adapting and coping to changing or unexpected situations. This means thinking about things in new ways or on focusing on what I can control and do to embrace the situation. Easier said than done!

“Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.” – Gretchen Rubin

Mental flexibility and my tendency to perfectionism went go hand-in-hand for me. I love the quote by Gretchen Rubin because of how it resonates a simple truth: perfect isn’t always the perfect way!

Not to say we just let all things slide, but learning to embrace the quirks and unexpected can be a freeing experience (after the freakout phase, at least). I constantly remind myself to re-frame the situation at hand… focus on how spontaneity has lead to some of the biggest and best things in my life. Or, I focus on how it’s true how we can always laugh (or even learn from) failures on all scales.

Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it is not yet the end.” – Sonny; Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

That quote sums up another thing I think about. Everything works out. Sometimes things even work out better than you expected. You just have to trust that everything in life will resolve, and that you can control the fact that you will live it out.

The longest minute of your life still only had 60 seconds.

The last thing that I remind myself is that every minute has 60 seconds. And anyone can get through 60 seconds at a time. Breathe in, breathe out, repeat. That’s all you can or need to do sometimes!

Do you have any tricks for mental flexibility? Or do you have any sticking points that are hard to get your brain around? Share them!

Love, Jenn