Goals: November

It’s officially November… time sure is flying! I have done well with my October goals which has felt so empowering!

It’s time to set some goals for this month. Seeing that this is the last full month that I will be in school (YAY!!!), I’ve decided to focus on the school a little more:

School: Academic Goals

  1. Stay ahead of the game. This is sort of keeping one of my October goals, but it has really helped to keep me motivated over the last month. I find that staying ahead as a rule rather than exception keeps things going smoothly and keeps the stress at bay, and frees up some of my evenings.
  2. Chase the marks. I have been having easily the best marks of my life this term. I’ve been so relieved to be almost done that reviewing and processing the information has almost been exciting! I LOVE some of my classes and am finding that showing my knowledge off has been a great motivation to stay engaged.
  3. Stay organized. After doing well for September, the paper piles had started mounting a bit. I’ve gotten them down to zero again… so it’s time to stay on top of it and make sure I can find everything from now until the end of term. when I can go through and REALLY get my clean on.

School: Social Goals

  1. Talk to everyone. I’m in a small program of wonderful ladies. We’re down to 16 and have been together since last September all day, every day. It has been so neat to watch everyone grow and figure out what they want after finishing our program… I want to try to have a conversation (long or short) with everyone before we all head our separate ways.
  2. Prepare a card for every classmate. The goal above will probably help me figure out what to write to everyone, but I’d like to start prepping my cards for the end of the term. We’re all headed out on the next big step… so I’d like to wish everyone luck!
  3. Reach out to references. Speaking of the next step… I’m about to be back in the real world… eek! I’d like to have a conversation with all of my references again just to touch base and let them know how school has been going.

School: Mindfulness Goals

  1. Enjoy the countdown. Full disclosure: I’ve had a countdown going since pretty much day 1 of the term… but its finally the homestretch! I am not wishing time away, but I want to remind myself how short the time left is… and how quickly it’ll go by!
  2. Enjoy the laughs. I have some GREAT women that I spend my school days with. We have grown to be incredibly good friends, and it honestly makes me so sad to know that I won’t see them everyday come mid-December and after! We always have a good laugh, and I’ll admit that I’ve been in tears of laughter several times even in the last few weeks! I’m going to savour the moments we can still have together, and enjoy the laughs that have gotten us through some pretty rough patches over the last year and a half.
  3. Enjoy the student schedule. As tough as some days/weeks are, students have the schedule thing pretty easy when it comes to hours spent on campus (at least in our program). I’ve been fortunate to have had work done ahead of time, so I’ve been able to shorten a lot of my days to 8:30-2:45 most of the term. I am going to ENJOY the remaining afternoons, because I know that soon I will probably not have the flexibility to be on the move like I do now!

Any big changes coming up for you? Any goals you’d like to share? I always love hearing what people are working on!

Love, Jenn





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