November backwards and forwards.

This is a time of big changes and new possibilities for me. I’ve been thinking a lot about where I’ll be in the coming months, but also about how far I’ve come.

November 2006 – 10 years ago.

Where + What: University… 1st Year of Nursing.
I always say that I would not change my past, and this is a strong reminder of that. I went into nursing because it seemed a good idea to me at 17. It seemed to be the natural step towards being a healthcare provider. In truth though, it was miserable. The adjustment to university went really badly, and the feelings of isolation and inability were paralyzing. I learned a lot from that experience though, and it certainly taught me about myself.

November 2008 – 8 years ago.

Where + What: Tim Hortons and Private Nanny
This was a time of crazy schedules and even crazier life patterns. Working 13+ hours a day meant little time to think… maybe that was the point. I know life had been hard on me leading up to that fall, so I think I was just looking for ways to distract myself and forget what had happened.

November 2011 – 5 years ago.

Where + What: Account Manager & working with Dad.
After spending a few years working in a dental office, this was a great step! Dad and I loved working together and found that our approach is very similar in business… and in life. The challenge of learning a new business was thrilling, but I was starting to itch for going back to school.

November 2012 – 4 years ago.

Where + What: University… 1st Year of Science.
If at first you don’t succeed? After working for over half a decade it was time to go back to school. I realized that I knew I wanted to be in control of my career and not be looked-over just for not having the educational qualifications. I was feeling out of my elements after being out of the school-routine for so long, but was feeling happy for the mental stimulation.

November 2015 – 1 year ago.

Where + What: College… 1st Year of Medical Administration.
The year 2015 was full of huge changes for me: new places, new friends, new routines, new places, and a whole new outlook. I was loving my new life and my new program. It was the perfect place to start again, and I’ve grown to love my life here! I am beyond thankful for the chance to start again and to learn how to be truly independent. The feeling of waking up every morning excited and empowered is incredible beyond words!

November 2016 – NOW.

Where + What: College… finishing my Medical Administration program.
I’m still loving my life. Big changes have continued this year, but all for the greater good! Independent, in love, and ready to take on what’s next! I’m currently in the process of interviewing for the next part of my life… and the changes will keep on coming! I’m no longer terrified of change; I’m excited by it! Only 20 days of class left… almost there!

November 2017 – 1 year from now.

Where + What: still undecided… but hopefully loving my new career!
I’m hoping to be working full-time and spending my days exploring and trying new things. I imagine I’ll be comfortable in my new job and looking for new outlets on the off-hours. I hope to be spending my life with my amazing partner, and to be still putting the priority on family and a complete life.
I intend to keep working on my outlook and my mental framework. Not to sound cheesy, but I’ve seen how far I’ve come and want to keep improving… somehow I think it’ll be a continuous process for the rest of my days (and that’s OK by me!).

November 2021 – 5 years from now.

Where + What: I have no idea!! I do know that I’m going to continue working towards having a life I love and am proud of!

What are your November highlights/lowlights past or present? What are you working towards? Please share!!

Love, Jenn


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