Monday Musings: November 14.

Good morning! It’s chilly, it’s Monday… it’s all good!! Here are some of the random thoughts rolling around my head this morning:

  • I can’t even pretend to be a patient person, so waiting is not my forté, but why do some waits feel longer than others? I’ve been really feeling the “hurry up and wait” lately! Crossing my fingers and toes that things start being finalized soon!
  • My inner child can’t stay hidden when there are crunchy leaves or puddles around. Ever. *Crunch, crunch, crunch*
  • Had an end-of-season BBQ with my parents and partner last night… great food, great laughs, and amazing company! Thank goodness we all share a weird  sense of humour!
  • I had some amazing fall treats this weekend:
    • apple cider + a cinnamon bun: perfect treat after a morning market trip and post-paperwork! (Thanks Adam!!)
    • homemade apple crisp: delicious and perfect after the barbecue! Thanks Mom!!
    • a jalapeño burger (ok, the last one isn’t exclusive to fall… but it was so good!)
  • There are 25 school days left for me! TWENTY-FIVE! Reality is setting in, and it’s weird!
  • Not to sound like a broken record, but my parents and partner ROCK! It’s been a bit of a wild-ride the past few weeks… they’ve been terrific and so supportive during the excitement and the nerves. THANK YOU!

Well that’s it, but have a great week!!! Anything on your mind on this Monday morning? Love, Jenn


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