Endings and Beginnings.

12 days. That’s how long it took for everything to change in the best way possible! 

Yesterday was a day of lasts: last classes, last time in my apartment, last bits of my stuff being jammed into cars + boxes. Although there was definitely some sad moments thinking back on how I’ll no longer be in a place that brought me so much happiness… it also means that I’m ready to take on new adventures!!

As my Dad said on the way out of my apartment for the last time: “Say goodbye to your single life”. That’s EXHILARATING!! 

Today may be the last day of November… but it’s day of firsts! 

First day of my new life! First day in my new home! First day living with my incredible partner! First day as someone back in the work force (ok, I technically dont start until tomorrow but I’m no longer a student hehe)! First day of snow (gross, but still!).

And I can’t wait to see what comes next and go on so many new adventures!

Wish me luck… can’t wait to update you on what happens in the coming days!!!

Love, Jenn


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